FIS Epoxy Quick Cure 2gr


FIS Epoxy Quick Cure 2gr

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This superior Fiber Optic Connector Epoxy from FIS is specially formulated to meet your connectorization needs, with several types available. FIS Fiber Optic Epoxy is supplied in pre-measured, two-part packets that ensure the correct ratio of fiber optic epoxy to hardener.

FIS Fiber Optic Epoxy provides you with long pot life, which enables you to achieve maximum connector yield per gram of epoxy. One 2 gram package will prepare 25-35 fiber optic connectors. One 4 gram package will prepare 50-70 fiber optic connectors. These epoxies cure in as little as 5 minutes, enabling you to achieve maximum productivity when working in the field.

Every packet of FIS Fiber Optic Epoxy includes specific directions for use with fiber optic connectors.

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